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Did you dive recently along the emerald coast?  You can report the conditions here using the format on the right.


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  1. EmeraldCoastUW says:

    Navarre Artificial Reef
    water temp 85
    vis 10-12 ft

    Lots of particles/algae in the water. Two turtles hanging around, lots of bait fish, snapper, but not as many tropicals or blenny. Couldn’t find an octopus.

  2. EmeraldCoastUW says:

    San Pablo / Ocean Wind
    water temp 80.6 F
    surface vis 10′ at depth 40-60′

    First 30 feet the water was murky, opened up nicely at depth, two good dives, very friendly goliath on the ocean wind was the highlight.

  3. EmeraldCoastUW says:

    Whitehill Reef / Thomas Hayward
    water temp 80
    vis 20-30 feet

    Great dive on whitehill as usual, visited by two sharks on the hayward, one ~8 foot bull shark.

  4. EmeraldCoastUW says:

    St Andrew Jetty
    Water temp 81
    vis 20-25

    Pretty day and nice dive, good marine life, lots of sheepshead and the usual suspects.

  5. EmeraldCoastUW says:

    Navarre Artificial Reef
    temp 68
    vis 10-12 feet

    Green water, lots of particles, not quite as fishy as usual, saw the new live stream camera system and it appears octopus like to hang out around it

  6. EmeraldCoastUW says:

    Destin Jetty
    Water temp 67 F
    vis 8-10 feet

    Water was stirred up pretty good with waves and overcast day made for poor vis. Usual jetty critters, belted sandfish, stone crabs, damselfish, two horseshoe crabs, big flounder and lots of wrasse.

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