Category: Marine Life


Favorite Emerald Coast Dive Sites

So far I’ve only scratched the surface of the nearly 100 dive sites along the Emerald Coast.  All of the sites I have explored have been fairly enjoyable with most being worth repeating, but some are quickly becoming my favorites.  With so many sites remaining to explore it might change...


Pink Meanie

It’s been two months since my last dive and with local Gulf water temperatures dipping into the low 60s it will be another month or two still before I descend into the blue and blow a few bubbles.  The more dedicated local divers are donning 7mm wetsuits or dry suits...


Toadfish Infestation

Opsanus pardus, also known as the leopard toadfish is becoming one of my more regular encounters diving along the Emerald Coast.  Toadfish are appropriately named possessing a large head, mouth and eyes and coloring that isn’t dissimilar to a toad.  They are fairly adept at hiding camouflaged within surrounding structure...