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Camera Upgrade – RX100

After shooting with a TG-4 for the last two years I decided to upgrade to a Sony RX100.  The TG-4 has two weaknesses, a very small sensor and no fully manual mode.  The small sensor can limit the image quality, but in excellent visibility and with great subject proximity the...


Camera Upgrades

At the beginning of last season I added a UWL-04 lens to my TG-4 camera rig and, with the 2017 season currently underway, I recently decided to make a few more upgrades.  The simple tray and flex arm that I started with are adequate for a compact single strobe setup,...


Olympus TG-4 Camera Rig

My introduction to underwater photography was snorkeling with an Olympus TG-3.  The TG-3 is a waterproof and rugged camera that doesn’t require being housed for depths shallower than 50 feet.  It has underwater modes, including a macro mode which doesn’t need a wet lens to perform well.  It is a...