I’ve lived on the Florida Panhandle since 2005 and during that time enjoyed the beaches, fishing and boating.  But not until a trip to Maui in 2014 did I snorkel for the first time.  This trip introduced me to an entire world beneath the waves and soon after  I got my SCUBA certification and my underwater photography hobby began.

I returned to Hawaii once certified to do some diving and also I’ve gotten to dive the Caribbean.  Traveling to these more exotic locations provides incredible opportunities for diving but the local diving along the Emerald Coast is nice in between these trips.  It is a great area for honing underwater photography skills since the waters off the Panhandle aren’t forgiving to sloppy technique.

The technical details of underwater photography is a big part of what attracted me, not just getting the most from a camera but also understanding the physical nature of light in water and how this effects photography beneath the surface.  And of course there are the necessary skills of being a competent diver in order to enter the underwater world and find the subjects.

Another draw of underwater photography for me was capturing the interesting marine life beneath the sea.  I’ve always found learning about and observing animals exciting and being able to share the beautiful and unique environment and creatures with others is very rewarding.